Hello to all my photography bloggers out there. If you wanted know something about photography to blog about, then you are on the right blog. Today I will introduce some famous photographers that I’ve read ward on recently. The similarity about these photographers is that they all started something that helps future photographers today. The first photographer I will introduce is Joseph Nicephore Niepce. He was credited as the inventor of photography. He developed a technique, which is called heliography and the first photograph. Another photographer is Louis Daguerre. He focused on light sensitivity. Basically he helped future photographers to determine how much light falls in the sensor in a camera. It will determine also how your picture will look. The final photographer that I will introduce will be John Herschel who was the first to apply the terms negative and positive to photography. This means the negative space is the areas that is surrounding the main subject. The positive space is the main subject that is being surrounded by the negative space. For this first blog about photography I hoped you have learned something about photography because the three photographers that I’ve introduce have started the basics of photography and future have been feeding off of their progress to help them be better photographers.

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