Photography 2

Hello photography bloggers once again I’m going to be blogging more about photography. The two main topics that I will be talking about is the histogram and the light meter. The first topic that I will be talking about will be about the histogram. What the histogram basically ideas is that it values the tone in your image. So basically you can determine the amount of brightness you want to show on your image. The histogram is only used for whenever editing photos because in your photo want your tones in the photos to be balance because if not then one of the tone of color will stand out more than the others. Next, I will be taking about the light meter and how it works. A light meter is used to measure the amount of light when taking photos. If there were ever a time you would get frustrated because you couldn’t get the perfect lighting in your photo. The light meter basically helps determine the perfect exposures for a photo, so it can turn out perfect like you wanted it to. To know how to use the light meter all you have to do is to halfway tap the trigger of the camera and it will pop up and tell you what your light meter is. To locate the light meter you would have to look into your camera like your taking a picture and it will show up on the screen. If ur light meter isn’t balanced then that’s when you would have to change your shutter speed and f stop so you can get that perfect lighting in your picture. Well that’s all I have to talk about today about photography so I hope you learned some new things about photography. Also hope you are able to abstain the knowledge so you can apply them to your photography skills.

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