In today’s culture we are starting to use filters in our reality. It’s at the point where filters has become popular and it’s now used everywhere in our everyday life, but we don’t recognize it. “In today’s culture filters has become a pervasive metaphor in which technology can remove certain content and how it alter or distort text, images, and data” (Rettberg pg. 20). I wanted to state my argument that technical filters are allowing us to express ourselves in certain ways.

Among everything about filtered reality I believe social media and the internet has been a big influence on filtering data. “Facebook filters our news feed, and it can filter our behavior” (Rettberg pg. 21). I see this every time I’ve been on any social media site. It only shows things that links to your interest. It’s ironic because that’s the same way the internet operates. When surfing through the web you see all these ads that looks tempting to click on. Then you see a website that is talking about a certain topic that you are interested in, but its gets you distracted about the important things that is happening around us. We have social media and the internet filtering our data in today’s culture.

In addition to some other social media sites such as Twitter that can alter your texts. “Twitter filters form of writing, which is requiring to limit us 140 characters at a time” (Rettberg pg. 21). With having twitter limiting a certain amount of characters it changes the way on how we want to express ourselves, but it’s not only on Twitter. Whenever you are sending a text and you sending a emoji, that could change on how we express things. If you are sending a text to someone and inserting an emoji can mislead on what you wanted to express because other person might interpret that message wrong. Our culture filters out our possible expressions we often are not aware of all the things we do not see. As of how filtering has alter our images, I think this is where filtering has come in the most. In the past, filters weren’t popular until it had gotten exposure from Instagram. “Instagram was the first site to popularize filters, now they are everywhere” (Rettberg pg. 21). I remember using Instagram for the first time and it was the only social media that had filters and everyone thought they were cool. It wasn’t till a couple of years after we started to see more filters to get more of a variety for pictures, then all of a sudden filtering had expanded. “With photoshop or programming skills and self hosted websites, we can express ourselves in other ways” (Rettberg pg. 23). When taking photos, you think you are looking at the original photo, but you are not. Photographers always change or filters their photos to add a different perspective. I know my experience with photography I had always edit my pictures so I could draw more viewers attention because it was always about the audience and their interest.

Stating my argument about filtered reality has taken over today’s culture. With social media to photoshop and programming, also with our texts we send to friends. It shows that technology can remove certain content and how it alter or distort text, images, and data. Which is showing that filtered reality has become and important stage in today’s culture.

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