My reflection off of my last post had made me become a better photographer today. If  I didn’t learn about the light meter than  would never would’ve have that perfect litghting on my photos. The light meter had taught me when to use different ISO’s, shutter speeds, and f- stops   Whenever I have to set up due to the lighting. Also I know where I need to set up my light meter to due to the weather as well. For histogram it had really helped me with editing my photos because now every since I’ve learned how to use the histogram I’m able to make my pictures to come ten times better than it looked once before. Also learning this tool is only going to make a better photographer and editor. It’s like once I’ve thaught I have learned everything about photography. There were always something new that get to learn that I’ve was never introduced to and I have to say it has helped me a lot with my photography skills. That’s all I have to say about my reflection I hope this will catch your interest with photography and that you will start to pursuit with it as well.

Photography 2

Hello photography bloggers once again I’m going to be blogging more about photography. The two main topics that I will be talking about is the histogram and the light meter. The first topic that I will be talking about will be about the histogram. What the histogram basically ideas is that it values the tone in your image. So basically you can determine the amount of brightness you want to show on your image. The histogram is only used for whenever editing photos because in your photo want your tones in the photos to be balance because if not then one of the tone of color will stand out more than the others. Next, I will be taking about the light meter and how it works. A light meter is used to measure the amount of light when taking photos. If there were ever a time you would get frustrated because you couldn’t get the perfect lighting in your photo. The light meter basically helps determine the perfect exposures for a photo, so it can turn out perfect like you wanted it to. To know how to use the light meter all you have to do is to halfway tap the trigger of the camera and it will pop up and tell you what your light meter is. To locate the light meter you would have to look into your camera like your taking a picture and it will show up on the screen. If ur light meter isn’t balanced then that’s when you would have to change your shutter speed and f stop so you can get that perfect lighting in your picture. Well that’s all I have to talk about today about photography so I hope you learned some new things about photography. Also hope you are able to abstain the knowledge so you can apply them to your photography skills.


My reflection off my first post about photography is that whenever I searched the famous photographers. I’ve realized is that they invented the basics of photography when I started learning about in my class. What I’ve learned about when reasoerching them is that everything falls back to the basics of their work because if we never had been introduce with the techniques of photography like we do now, then our pictures would never turn out right like we wanted to. Also I feel like it’s great to know the history about photography because you know more than trying to work a camera.


Hello to all my photography bloggers out there. If you wanted know something about photography to blog about, then you are on the right blog. Today I will introduce some famous photographers that I’ve read ward on recently. The similarity about these photographers is that they all started something that helps future photographers today. The first photographer I will introduce is Joseph Nicephore Niepce. He was credited as the inventor of photography. He developed a technique, which is called heliography and the first photograph. Another photographer is Louis Daguerre. He focused on light sensitivity. Basically he helped future photographers to determine how much light falls in the sensor in a camera. It will determine also how your picture will look. The final photographer that I will introduce will be John Herschel who was the first to apply the terms negative and positive to photography. This means the negative space is the areas that is surrounding the main subject. The positive space is the main subject that is being surrounded by the negative space. For this first blog about photography I hoped you have learned something about photography because the three photographers that I’ve introduce have started the basics of photography and future have been feeding off of their progress to help them be better photographers.



For my process essay I will be discussing about photography. The purpose for talking about photography in my process essay is to explain the basics and meaning of art in photography. Based off of my experience with photography I want to try to connect with those who have the same similar interest as me and want to learn more about photography.

The first idea to attack this process is to go onto other blogs and look to see if there is anyone who is blogging about photography because they might have some ideas that they probably posted on their blog. Also, this helps me because if there there was some information I wanted to add, then I would be able to provide it to the audience due to the fact I got it off of someone blog.

Next, I would explain photography based off of my years of doing photography because I feel like I know a decent amount about photography and I am also currently in a class for photography as my major. So, if someone would have a question about something with photography, or is confused. I feel like I would be good help who needs it the most, also I’m still currently learning so I will have a lot of information about it.

Finally, I would search up famous photographers and research on what they did to gain their fame with photography because if just in case someone doesn’t want to go with my ideas, or information about photography. I can provide them information about a famous photographer and tell the audience what the famous photographer did in order to gain their fame.

Since my process essay is about photography. I will tell you my whole process of how I went to other people blogs to see other ideas, or point of views. I will tell people information about photography based off of my experience. Also, will research famous photographers that will explain what they did in order to gain their fame with photography.


How to Read Like a Writer Notes

Main Idea:

The main idea in the little article is to think and read like a writer. Through the article it teaches techniques to us understand the choices the writer was making whenever he/she were writing. We are suppose to examine their writing techniques and apply into our own writing to better ourselves as writers. The goal behind idea of reading like a writer is to understand why thier techniques had influenced you as a reader. As we are reading, we are suppose to locate what we believe is important writing that will help us to become better writers. Generally when we read we usually read for information, but reading like a writer we are looking for on why the writer decide to write his/her paper like that.


Some connection I can make off of this article is that as I was reading I can tell this some of the techniques we use in my writing classes. In my reading class it’s different because we don’t try to look for the techniques the writer used to form out their paper. Instead, we look for information and break down the whole understanding of the passage. I’m my writing class we actually read each other’s papers and try to help each other to become better writers. As I read someone else’s paper I could tell they used different techniques they use to approach thier writing.


The summary of this article is that we are suppose to understand the techniques the writer is using and apply it into our own writing to become better writers. The more we start reading as writers, than we will have the knowledge as a writer and help those who needs the help to become a better writer as well. Basically reading as a writer will give us advantage to use the techniques writers use and apply them into our writing.




As I read the article of “How to Read Like a Writer”, I realized that some of the work that I do in my writing class is a reflection from the article. “You are reading to learn about writing” ( Bunn 72). This quote reminds me of my writing class because we read each other’s papers to help each other to become better writers. When we read each other’s papers we don’t just look for the information in the writing. We look for techniques they used to form their paper. “When we read like writers we understand and participate in the writing” (Bunn 75). I can relate off of this quote because in class we read each other papers, so we can understand why the writer choose this technique for his/her writing and see if there is any other ways they can better themselves as a writer. When I read someone paper I look for techniques they used that can help me as well because I feel like there are a few things that I can improve in my writing skills. Throughout this semester I feel like I have been getting better when it comes to identifying someone paper. “When you read like a writer you work to identify some of the choices the author made so you can better understand how such choices might arise in your own writing” (Bunn 72). Whenever I look at someone’s paper I can see some of the techniques they use like using preposition phrases, transition words, and adding in quotes. Some of these techniques are helpful to construct our papers and better whenever we are writing papers. Also, I look for if the paper make sense in their writing because if they are writing out-of-order than they are going to confuse the reader. “When you read like a writer, you are trying to figure out how the text you are reading was constructed so that you learn how to build one for yourself” (Bunn 74). When it comes to writing you want to see if their paper is constructed properly, so that the writing looks good. Not only looking to see if he/she had constructed their paper properly will help them improve themselves, but it will help you as well because you are trying to learn how to put some of the techniques into your own writing. Reading this article had made me reflected on what we do in our writing class and didn’t know that I was already reading like a writer. Continue reading “Reflection”


In my reflection in this article “Seeing Yourself Through Technology”, had made me realize how we present ourselves with technology everyday. In the article, the author had said “with digital cameras, smart phones, and social media it is easier to create and share our self-representation” (Rettberg 2). How I feel about this quote is that it shows how in our generation today we rely on technology to represent ourselves. We use certain pictures on Instagram to express or, we would tweet about something to reflect how we feel about it. “Digital self representation and self-reflection is cumulative rather than presented as a definitive whole” (Rettberg 35). This is saying that the two different categories that expresses our identity is combined into one when we are using technology. Its different when photographers and artist try express themselves before technology became important like is now for us today. “No doubt many other artist and photographers have taken daily photos of themselves” (Rettberg 37). They took their own time to take daily photos of themselves to express their emotions, identity, and etc. Like now in today’s culture we can take a picture and edit them before we show it off to the world. I feel like artist and photographers back then had a different perspective when it came to self representation and reflection because they are not using filters to add affect or, editing the picture to make themselves look good. They took a series of selfies show they can show the changes over the period of their daily life. Unlike Instagram, people won’t be able to notify the real changes in a person who posted a picture, but instead only notify the changes that the person wanted to present on social media. “It is unlikely that the people who developed Twitter thought carefully about Frank O’ Hara’s poetry, or that Instagram’s developers knew about the daily snapshots of artist like Szucs” (Rettberg 36). The people who developed Twitter and Instagram never had looked back the history of  artist and photographers, so they can find similar ways to express self representation and reflection. Instead, they only thought themselves and how they wanted to attracted people in our generation so they can express self representation and reflection in easier way. This is showing how popular technology is getting and we are starting to get dependent on it. Whenever YouTube first came out it didn’t take long to gain popularity. in the article, “It was only a little over a half a year since YouTube opened to the public, and the site had skyrocketed in popularity” (Rettberg 36). This is what made me realize that we use technology to present ourselves everyday because how easy it to share photos on another, plus how dependent we are starting to be on it.

Selfie Notes

Main Idea:

After reading the article, the main idea in this chapter is about how selfies are a form of digital self presentation and reflection. The reason why is because when we decide to take a selfie or post a picture of us on social media. We tend to show only certain aspects of ourselves. What I mean by that we take selfies of us at a certain angle because we think that’s the best angle or we take pictures of ourselves to make it seem we are having a good time to show off the world.


When reading the article the only thing that stood out to me is that the pictures we use to put on our profile pics on social media. If you are looking through someone’s profile and noticed that their profile is not a selfie. It looked like someone else had took the picture for them. The reason why people usually don’t use selfies for their profile is that they represent themselves. A profile picture can is like a visual expression of identity. Some people when it comes to profile pics often use pictures that express their identity, so people can get a general idea what do or who they are.


  • A connection I have about this article is about how we express our identity. Reading the article it was talking about how people express their identity on their profile picture. The connection I have with is the fact I do the same thing on my social media. On Instagram I use one of my football picture that was taken of me while I was playing by someone else. I used it as a profile picture because I wanted to express towards people that I played football so that was my connection with this article.


In today’s culture we are starting to use filters in our reality. It’s at the point where filters has become popular and it’s now used everywhere in our everyday life, but we don’t recognize it. “In today’s culture filters has become a pervasive metaphor in which technology can remove certain content and how it alter or distort text, images, and data” (Rettberg pg. 20). I wanted to state my argument that technical filters are allowing us to express ourselves in certain ways.

Among everything about filtered reality I believe social media and the internet has been a big influence on filtering data. “Facebook filters our news feed, and it can filter our behavior” (Rettberg pg. 21). I see this every time I’ve been on any social media site. It only shows things that links to your interest. It’s ironic because that’s the same way the internet operates. When surfing through the web you see all these ads that looks tempting to click on. Then you see a website that is talking about a certain topic that you are interested in, but its gets you distracted about the important things that is happening around us. We have social media and the internet filtering our data in today’s culture.

In addition to some other social media sites such as Twitter that can alter your texts. “Twitter filters form of writing, which is requiring to limit us 140 characters at a time” (Rettberg pg. 21). With having twitter limiting a certain amount of characters it changes the way on how we want to express ourselves, but it’s not only on Twitter. Whenever you are sending a text and you sending a emoji, that could change on how we express things. If you are sending a text to someone and inserting an emoji can mislead on what you wanted to express because other person might interpret that message wrong. Our culture filters out our possible expressions we often are not aware of all the things we do not see. As of how filtering has alter our images, I think this is where filtering has come in the most. In the past, filters weren’t popular until it had gotten exposure from Instagram. “Instagram was the first site to popularize filters, now they are everywhere” (Rettberg pg. 21). I remember using Instagram for the first time and it was the only social media that had filters and everyone thought they were cool. It wasn’t till a couple of years after we started to see more filters to get more of a variety for pictures, then all of a sudden filtering had expanded. “With photoshop or programming skills and self hosted websites, we can express ourselves in other ways” (Rettberg pg. 23). When taking photos, you think you are looking at the original photo, but you are not. Photographers always change or filters their photos to add a different perspective. I know my experience with photography I had always edit my pictures so I could draw more viewers attention because it was always about the audience and their interest.

Stating my argument about filtered reality has taken over today’s culture. With social media to photoshop and programming, also with our texts we send to friends. It shows that technology can remove certain content and how it alter or distort text, images, and data. Which is showing that filtered reality has become and important stage in today’s culture.