In my reflection in this article “Seeing Yourself Through Technology”, had made me realize how we present ourselves with technology everyday. In the article, the author had said “with digital cameras, smart phones, and social media it is easier to create and share our self-representation” (Rettberg 2). How I feel about this quote is that it shows how in our generation today we rely on technology to represent ourselves. We use certain pictures on Instagram to express or, we would tweet about something to reflect how we feel about it. “Digital self representation and self-reflection is cumulative rather than presented as a definitive whole” (Rettberg 35). This is saying that the two different categories that expresses our identity is combined into one when we are using technology. Its different when photographers and artist try express themselves before technology became important like is now for us today. “No doubt many other artist and photographers have taken daily photos of themselves” (Rettberg 37). They took their own time to take daily photos of themselves to express their emotions, identity, and etc. Like now in today’s culture we can take a picture and edit them before we show it off to the world. I feel like artist and photographers back then had a different perspective when it came to self representation and reflection because they are not using filters to add affect or, editing the picture to make themselves look good. They took a series of selfies show they can show the changes over the period of their daily life. Unlike Instagram, people won’t be able to notify the real changes in a person who posted a picture, but instead only notify the changes that the person wanted to present on social media. “It is unlikely that the people who developed Twitter thought carefully about Frank O’ Hara’s poetry, or that Instagram’s developers knew about the daily snapshots of artist like Szucs” (Rettberg 36). The people who developed Twitter and Instagram never had looked back the history of  artist and photographers, so they can find similar ways to express self representation and reflection. Instead, they only thought themselves and how they wanted to attracted people in our generation so they can express self representation and reflection in easier way. This is showing how popular technology is getting and we are starting to get dependent on it. Whenever YouTube first came out it didn’t take long to gain popularity. in the article, “It was only a little over a half a year since YouTube opened to the public, and the site had skyrocketed in popularity” (Rettberg 36). This is what made me realize that we use technology to present ourselves everyday because how easy it to share photos on another, plus how dependent we are starting to be on it.

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