Selfie Notes

Main Idea:

After reading the article, the main idea in this chapter is about how selfies are a form of digital self presentation and reflection. The reason why is because when we decide to take a selfie or post a picture of us on social media. We tend to show only certain aspects of ourselves. What I mean by that we take selfies of us at a certain angle because we think that’s the best angle or we take pictures of ourselves to make it seem we are having a good time to show off the world.


When reading the article the only thing that stood out to me is that the pictures we use to put on our profile pics on social media. If you are looking through someone’s profile and noticed that their profile is not a selfie. It looked like someone else had took the picture for them. The reason why people usually don’t use selfies for their profile is that they represent themselves. A profile picture can is like a visual expression of identity. Some people when it comes to profile pics often use pictures that express their identity, so people can get a general idea what do or who they are.


  • A connection I have about this article is about how we express our identity. Reading the article it was talking about how people express their identity on their profile picture. The connection I have with is the fact I do the same thing on my social media. On Instagram I use one of my football picture that was taken of me while I was playing by someone else. I used it as a profile picture because I wanted to express towards people that I played football so that was my connection with this article.

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