My reflection off of my last post had made me become a better photographer today. If  I didn’t learn about the light meter than  would never would’ve have that perfect litghting on my photos. The light meter had taught me when to use different ISO’s, shutter speeds, and f- stops   Whenever I have to set up due to the lighting. Also I know where I need to set up my light meter to due to the weather as well. For histogram it had really helped me with editing my photos because now every since I’ve learned how to use the histogram I’m able to make my pictures to come ten times better than it looked once before. Also learning this tool is only going to make a better photographer and editor. It’s like once I’ve thaught I have learned everything about photography. There were always something new that get to learn that I’ve was never introduced to and I have to say it has helped me a lot with my photography skills. That’s all I have to say about my reflection I hope this will catch your interest with photography and that you will start to pursuit with it as well.

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