For my process essay I will be discussing about photography. The purpose for talking about photography in my process essay is to explain the basics and meaning of art in photography. Based off of my experience with photography I want to try to connect with those who have the same similar interest as me and want to learn more about photography.

The first idea to attack this process is to go onto other blogs and look to see if there is anyone who is blogging about photography because they might have some ideas that they probably posted on their blog. Also, this helps me because if there there was some information I wanted to add, then I would be able to provide it to the audience due to the fact I got it off of someone blog.

Next, I would explain photography based off of my years of doing photography because I feel like I know a decent amount about photography and I am also currently in a class for photography as my major. So, if someone would have a question about something with photography, or is confused. I feel like I would be good help who needs it the most, also I’m still currently learning so I will have a lot of information about it.

Finally, I would search up famous photographers and research on what they did to gain their fame with photography because if just in case someone doesn’t want to go with my ideas, or information about photography. I can provide them information about a famous photographer and tell the audience what the famous photographer did in order to gain their fame.

Since my process essay is about photography. I will tell you my whole process of how I went to other people blogs to see other ideas, or point of views. I will tell people information about photography based off of my experience. Also, will research famous photographers that will explain what they did in order to gain their fame with photography.


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